Welcome to my redesigned website.
Publication of Prayers for Anxiety and Prayers for OCD brings my book count to 54.

On the family history side:
I’ve now restored the SAMPSON, LEE and CORY lines in my family history and the PRIESTLEY, BRAY and TOOTLE lines in Jack’s.
We are now three-quarters of the way through, though there are many more files which never made it on to the old site.
And there are still many books pages to restore.


I am also a keen family historian. I am researching my own family history, mostly in Devon and Kent, and my husband Jack Priestley’s ancestors, mainly in Lancashire and Yorkshire. Some lines go back more than 30 generations, from paupers to lords of the manor. I even know the village in Normandy one of my ancestors came from.



I am currently working on a book about the first English saints.