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Fay Sampson’s Family History

This site is a work-in-progress. There is a massive amount to cover. I have included both male and female lines, and some go back 30 generations. Keep coming back for more.
I have numbered the generations working backwards from my own as (1)

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RICHARD EDWORTHY and his wife CATHERINE are the most plausible parents for John Edworthy of West Worlington. Richard and Catherine lived in the next-door parish of Cheldon.


Richard is most likely the son of George Edworthy and Mary Olden.

Baptism. St Mary, Cheldon.

Jan 3d  1709(10)  Richard son of George Edworthy cripple

There is another baptism in Cheldon on 4 Feb 1716/7 for Richard, son of John Edworthy, Taylor. But this would make him 18 at most at the time of his marriage. The older Richard would have been a more typical 25. We know from other records that George Edworthy, cripple, was also a tailor. It is likely that the two Richards were cousins.

Richard probably had a younger sister.

Despite his father’s disability, he was able to support himself and his family. He served his turn as churchwarden, an office which circulated around the seven householders in Cheldon paying rates. The family home was Henroost, a house with a small garden NE of the church. It had one of the two joint lowest ratings of the seven. This was a family which was respected, but not affluent.

His mother died in 1716.

Cheldon [1]


Baptisms for children of Richard Edworthy of Cheldon begin in 1736. We have not found his marriage, but the likelihood is that Richard and Catherine married around 1735, in the reign of George II.


CATHERINE seems to have come from another parish, since she and Richard were not married in Cheldon. Their marriage probably took place in or before 1736. Their first two babies died.

Baptisms and Burials. St Mary, Cheldon.

1736 C Joan the Daughter of Richard Edworthy was christened November the 27th

1736 B Joan the Daughter of Richard Edworthy was buried November the 30th.

This is just too early for the mother’s name to be given. But from now on there is no other Richard Edworthy fathering children in this parish, so we may assume this is the same couple.

1737(8) C Richard Son of Richard & Catherine Edworthy was baptized Feby the 14th

1738 B Richard Edworthy was buried June the 11th.

We would normally expect this to be an adult, since no father is mentioned. But it could be their child, because they had another son Richard later.

1739 C Mary the Daughter of Richard and Catherine Edworthy was Baptized April the 23d 1739

1741(2) C Richard Son of Richard and Catherine Edworthy was Baptized January the 18th.

1744 C William Son of Richard and Catherine Edworthy was Baptized May the 7th

1746(7) C John Son of Richard and Catherine Edworthy was Baptized January the 5th

1749 C George Son of Richard and Catherine Edworthy was Baptized October the 23d

Richard died without seeing his youngest son. He was only 44.

1754 B Richard Edworthy was Buried December the 20th

1755 C Solomon Posthumous Son of Richard Edworthy and Catherine was Baptized February the 24th.

The calendar changed in 1753, so February was no longer counted as part of the previous year.


Catherine’s burial has not been found. She may have gone to live with one of her children in another parish.

Solomon remained in Cheldon and raised a large family there. There is no evidence of the other boys staying. John settled in West Worlington, next door to Cheldon, further along the Little Dart.


[1] http://www.picturesofengland.com/img/L/1014102.jpg






Sampson Tree