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RICHARD BRAY and his wife Susanna were probably born in the 1660s, immediately after the restoration of the monarchy under Charles II. .


Their children were baptised in St Margaretís, Keddington, just outside Louth. This may be Richardís home parish, but the baptism register goes back to 1563. If Richardís baptism has not been found there, it probably means he came from a different parish.


SUSANNA. We know Susannaís first name from the baptism register for their children, but not her surname. Since her marriage has not been found in Keddington, where the couple raised their family, she too probably came from elsewhere.


The couple settled in Keddington and raised their children there.


The following children are recorded in the baptism register for Richard Bray :

Sarah 8 Aug 1689. Mother Susanna.

Richard 21 Feb 1691. Mother Susan.

Robrt 15 Sep 1695.

Mary 10 Jan 1697. Mother Susan.

Mary 27 Sep 1702. Mother Susan.

John 19 Jan 1706.

We assume that the first Mary died.

Keddington has the ruins of a Cistercian abbey. It is known as Louth Park Abbey.


We have no record of Richard and Susannaís burials.



Genealogical information from www.lincolnshire-wolds.org/all-lincolnshire and the IGI.

Engraving www.rodcollins.com .



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Rachel feels sick at the thought of going to school. But in the next door garden she finds something more frightened than herself.