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THOMAS FROST. Thomas married in Sandwich in 1729. We should expect his baptism to be either side of 1700. There is a likely baptism at St Mary the Virgin, Sandwich, on 10 Aug 1707 for Thomas , son of John Frost and his wife Deborah . His mother’s maiden name was Read . This was her second marriage.

Thomas was the fourth of six children, but only he and a younger sister survived infancy. At his burial Thomas’s father John Frost was described as “poor”.


MARY LAMB. She was also from a Sandwich family. The most likely baptism is 15 April 1705, for Mary , daughter of Henry Lamb and Mary, at St Peter’s, Sandwich. Her mother was formerly Mary Cray.


Mary was the oldest child of three.


The name Sandwich means “trading centre on the sand”. But the silting of the River Stour has left it two miles from the sea.



The medieval Fisher Gate


Thomas Frost and Mary Lamb were married at St Peter, Sandwich, on 27 Nov 1729. Both were “of this parish”.


They had seven children baptised at St Mary the Virgin, Sandwich.

Ann 7 Apr 1734

Elizabeth and Sarah 17 Dec 1736. These infant twins were buried two days later, on 19 Dec. They were probably born prematurely.

John 11 Feb 1738

Thomas 16 Oct 1743. He was buried on 17 Apr 1745, having lived less than two years.

Deborah 18 May 1746

Thomas 9 Oct 1748


The story is that the term “sandwich” dates from 1762, when the Earl of Sandwich ordered meat to be served to him between slices of bread, so that he would not have to leave the gambling table.


Thomas Frost was buried St Peter, Sandwich, 16 Jan 1771. This could be the youngest child aged 23, but is more probably the older Thomas aged 64.


Mary’s burial has not been found.



Genealogical information from Findmypast: Canterbury Archdeaconry records.





Next Generation: 7. FROST-TOMLYN

Previous Generations: 9. FROST-READ

                                      9. LAMB-CRAY



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