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WILLIAM HARLAND was probably born in Whitby around 1739.

William was a butcher and farmer.


ANN DICKINSON appears to be the daughter of Ralph Dickinson , christened in Whitby on 28 May 1738. Her mother may be Catherine.


The fishing town of Whitby is famous for its abbey, its kippers and the jet found on the beach. St Mary’s is a remarkable church. It stands on the cliff above the harbour, just below the Benedictine ruins, which are themselves on the site of the mixed Anglo-Saxon abbey founded by St Hilda in the 7th century. Instead of rows of pews, St Mary’s has box-like stalls around three sides of the pulpit, with a gallery above them. Many of the gravestones in the churchyard have been so eroded by salt wind as to be indecipherable.




Ann Dickinson married William Harland in Whitby, 16 April 1758.

That year Halley’s comet was seen on Christmas Day.


At least seven children were baptised in Whitby.

John, 8 Apr 1759

Francis: 14 Sep 1760

Thomas and Margaret: born 19 July 1762, bapt 29 Aug 1762

Dickinson: 30 Sep 1764

Ann: 26 Oct 1766

Margaret: 21 Aug 1768

We must presume that Thomas’s twin Margaret had died.


The IGI does not record the baptism of another son. But Mark Priestley has reported that a

son Christopher was baptised at St Mary’s Whitby, 17 Feb 1769/70, William is described as a ‘farmer at Knipshaw’. Knipshaw has not been found on the Ordnance Survey map. It might have been in the region of Gnipe Howe, halfway between Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay, and close to the coastal footpath. If it was nearer the cliff edge, it could have fallen into the sea, which is seriously eroding this coast.


Genealogical information from Mark Priestley, except where otherwise stated.





Next Generation: 7. HARLAND-WARDALE

Previous Generations: 9. DICKINSON



Morgan le Fay is sent to school in the nunnery at

Tintagel. But in secret she learns witchcraft