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THOMAS NEWELL. There is a possible baptism for the husband of Frances Coverdale in Barrow on Humber on 9 June 1689. He was the son of Thomas and Alicia Newill. But this would make him 40 when he married Frances, which may be too old.


His son Thomas became a labourer. This may have been the occupation of Thomas senior too.



The view from Barrow upon Humber with modern bridge



FRANCES COVERDALE. Frances was married in Barrow on Humber in 1729, so was presumably living there then. But we have not found her baptism there. Lazarus and Mary Coverdale and Jacob and Ursula Coverdale were having children baptised in Barrow on Humber before the turn of the century, but there are no Coverdale baptisms in the early 18 th century, when we would expect Frances to be born.

The only baptism for Frances Coverdale around the right time is a rather unlikely one. Frances,

daughter of Hezekiah and Ann Coverdale, was baptised at St Leonard, South Cockerington, Lincs, on 30 Jan 1703/4. South Cockington is between Louth and Mablethorpe. This is 28 miles SE of Barrow on Humber.

This baptism does, however, reinforce the impression of the Barrow registers, that the Coverdales favoured biblical names. This may mean they were a Puritan family – people who would have supported Parliament against the Catholic-leaning King Charles I in the Civil War of the 1640s.

If the South Cockering baptism is not hers, it is possible that Frances’s baptism has not been found because it took place in a Dissenting chapel whose registers are not available online.


Thomas Newel married Frances Coverdale on 16 Nov 1729 at Holy Trinity, Barrow on Humber.

A son was born the following year.

Baptism. Barrow on Humber.

1730 Sep 17 Thomas son of Thomas and Frances Newell.

He was their only child. Thomas senior died five months later.

Burial. Holy Trinity, Barrow on Humber.

1730/1 Feb 10 Thomas Newell.


Before the year was out, Frances had married again.

Marriage. Holy Trinity, Barrow on Humber.

1731 Nov 30 Henry Scoffin and Frances Newell.


It is likely to have been Henry’s second marriage too. In 1712 a Henry Scoffin of Barrow on Humber married Elizabeth Alexander. She died in 1729. One daughter has been found for this marriage. She would have been four when Henry married Frances.


Three daughters followed for Henry and Frances Scoffin:

Baptisms. Holy Trinity

1733 Isabel July 8

1735 Joan Apr 27 . Joan was buried on 8 May.

1738 Ann Aug 20. Ann also lived for only a few weeks. She was buried on 29 Sep.


Henry died in 1743/4. He was buried on Jan 20, leaving Frances a widow for the second time.


Frances outlived Henry by more than 20 years.

Burial. Holy Trinity, Barrow on Humber

1768 Dec 1. Frances Scoffin widow


BMDs from Lincolnshire Parish Registers on Findmypast.



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