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JOHN CORY was baptised in Harpole, a village west of Northampton, on 24 Nov 1730. He was the second child and only son of Samuel Cory and Elizabeth Bales. The Cory family had been in Harpole for centuries. His father may have been a thatcher.


John became a schoolmaster.


ELIZABETH CHATER was first married in 1744, giving her a probable birth date around 1720. She was possibly the daughter of Robert Chater, a wheeler, and his wife Ann. There is no record of her birth in the parish of Harpole. The Chater family may have moved there after she was born. It is thought they were living in the village by 1730. Elizabeth would, by our standards, still have been a child, but in the 18th century would have been considered of working age, if she came from a farming, craft or labouring family.

Elizabeth first married John Butlin from Boughton on New Year’s Day in 1744, when she was probably 21. The marriage took place in Harpole.

Marriage. Harpole :

John Butling of the parish of Boughton and Elizabeth Chater of this parish 01.01.1744.

They appear to have returned to live in John Butling’s parish, which lies on the northern edge of Northampton.

It is unclear whether they had any children. John died three years later in 1747. His death is recorded at both Harpole and Boughton.

Burial. Harpole .

17 June 1747 - John Butling

Bishops Transcripts . Boughton .

April 30th 1747 - April 25 1748, 'Buried John Butling of parish' .


Elizabeth, as a young widow, returned to live in Harpole. She may have gone back to her parents. It was there that she married her second husband, the 20-year-old schoolmaster John Cory, on 6 Sep 1751. They were both ‘of this parish’. He was seven years younger than her.


They had four children baptised in Harpole.

Baptisms. Harpole.

1752 Aug 23 Mary daughter of John Cory junior and Elizabeth his wife

1755 January 5 Arthur son of John & Elizabeth Cory

1758 Nov 7 John son of John and Elizabeth Cory

1760 Sept 8 Elizabeth daughter of John & Elizabeth Cory.  

Their son Arthur moved to Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, where he married and raised his family.


John is not listed as schoolmaster in the 1771/1777 Militia Records for Harpole. This probably means means he was aged over 45 at that time (i.e. born before 1726/1732, or more than 29/23 years before his son Arthur). There are two Johns in the Nobottle Grove Hundred Militia lists for 1771 (day of appeal 8 Dec 1771 Peacock Inn, Northampton, signed Harris Cory constable) - Richard, farmer; John, woolcomber; William, woolcomber; Samuel, labourer; John, farmer; Richard, servant. In nearby Kislingbury there is Thomas, a drawn man?


Both John and Elizabeth lived on into the 19th century.

Burial. Harpole.

1801 7 Dec. Elizabeth Cory wife of John Cory Schoolmaster.

John outlived her by five years. He was still alive when his son Arthur died in his forties in Milton Keynes in 1802.

1806 21 Dec John Cory widower and late Schoolmaster.




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