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JOHN WIDECOMBE was born in North Bovey in the early 18th century. He was the younger of the two known children of Richard and Joan Widdicomb .

Baptism. North Bovey.

1712 24 Jun John Widdicomb son of Richard Widdicomb

The name of his mother, Joan, was recorded at the baptism of his sister the previous year.


North Bovey is a village on the little River Bovey, immediately south of Moreton-hampstead. Its granite and thatch cottages are set around a sloping green in front of the church, and several have the traditional Devon room built out over a porch. The parish extends far out across Dartmoor to the Headland Warren, about halfway between Moreton and Two Bridges. It borders on Widecombe-in-the-Moor.


JOAN FROST was born in North Bovey the year before John. Her parents were Daniel Frost and Ruth Walling.

Baptism. North Bovey.

1711 Joan daughter of Daniel Frost 4 Sep


They married in 1737, when John was 24 and Joan 25.

Marriage. North Bovey.

1737 John Widdicombe and Joan Frost May 16


They had seven children baptised in North Bovey.

Baptisms. North Bovey

1738 Widecombe, Susanna d. of John & Joan Jul 17

1741 Widcombe, Ruth d. of John & Joan April 2

1743 Widecombe, John s. of John & Joan Feb 16

1746 Withycombe, Thomas s. of John & Joan Mar 2

1750 Widecombe, William s. of John & Joan Nov 14

1754 Withycombe, Joanna d. of John & Joan Apr 22

1759 Withycombe, Mary d. of John & Joan Dec 4


The Joan Widdecombe who died in 1742 is probably Johnís mother. Joan , his wife, is likely to be this burial in 1665.

Burial. North Bovey.

1766 Withycomb, Joan Sep 16


The burial of John Withycombe Junior, on Sep 30 the previous year, would seem to be their 22-year-old son. There is no record of John Withycombe Seniorís burial in North Bovey.





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