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DANIEL FROST first appears in North Bovey at his marriage in 1709. He does not seem to have been born there. In the first decades of the 18th century his is the only Frost family recorded in the village. There is one other entry in the baptismal register before his grandchildren start to appear.

Baptism. North Bovey.

1738 Frost, Mary Nosworthy ill. d. o f Elizabeth Jul. 10

It is not clear who Elizabeth Frost is. The date is rather late for her to be Danielís sister. The babyís father was almost certainly a member of the prominent Nosworthy family.


RUTH WALLING was also baptised in another parish. There were, however, numerous Wallings in North Bovey. In 1655, William Walling married Ruth Stevence. This is probably too early for these to be Ruthís parents, but she may be their grandchild. A burial is recorded in North Bovey in 1715 for Ruth Walling. This may be Ruthís grandmother, or possibly her mother, though Ruth could be a common name in the extended family.

Family connections may the reason why Ruth was living in North Bovey when she married Daniel Frost .


Both Daniel and Ruth have Old Testament names. This may reflect their forbearsí Puritan sympathies in the religious divides of the 17th century.


Daniel Frost and Ruth Walling married in North Bovey in 1709.

1709 Frost, Daniel and Walling, Ruth Oct 4.


Seven children were born to them there.

Baptisms. North Bovey

1711 Frost, Joan d. of Daniel Sep 4.

1713 Frost, Susanna d. of Daniel Oct 5

1715(6) Frost, Sarah d. Daniel Jan 10

1717(8) Frost, Sarah d. of Daniel & Ruth Mar 4

1720 Frost, John s. o f Daniel & Ruth May 24

1721(2) Frost, Grace d. o f Daniel & Ruth Mar 13

1724 Frost, Daniel s. of Daniel & Ruth Dec 8. Daniel was buried next month, on Jan 19.


Daniel senior was buried in North Bovey on June 22, 1748, when his only surviving son, John, had already had three children. As with his parents, Johnís son Daniel died in infancy, but in this case there was a second Daniel to continue the family name.


Ruth outlived Daniel by nearly 20 years. She was buried in North Bovey on March 25, 1767.




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