The Overlooker



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Fifth in the Suzie Fewings genealogical mysteries

Suzie and Nick Fewings head for Lancashire with their daughter Millie. They are on the track of Nick's ancestors, from the time when the Industrial Revolution is putting hand loom weavers out of work. But the modern town is in the grip of another kind of unemployment. Resentments simmer. These newcomers from the south are not always popular.

   Added to this, Nick's prime source of information, his 93-year-old great-uncle, is at death's door.

   As they visit the old mills which have been turned into working museums sinister things begin to happen. Someone doesn't want them there. And what is going on at the boarded-up house where Nick's mill-worker ancestors used to live?

  When their student son Tom comes to join them for the weekend, events take a dramatic turn. Will they find the missing family member before disaster srikes?


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There was no number for the caller. The shock took hold of him as he saw the capital letters.


  He sat staring down at it. He felt momentarily paralyzed.

  It was true. His worst fear. Whoever had warned him not to approach the police knew that he had. He glanced rouond in alarm. Was someone watching him, even now? It had seemed so peaceful, sitting here in the autumn sun, on his own. Could anyone know he was here at High Bank, at Thelma's? And had they been followed to the police station? Or had the information come from inside the police?    Whatever the answer, someone knew. Someone whose voice had made him feel it was not an idle threat.

  Should he take his family home now? Drive back south as fast as he could?

  It wouldn't help. But Inspector Heap had made it very clear that anyone who already knew that much about him could find his home address. He felt the sweat on his neck.

He found the inspector's card among his own business cards, in his inside jacket pocket. He tried to keep his thumb steady as he dialled her number.