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RICHARD MATTHEWS first appears in the Chulmleigh registers with the baptism of his daughter Rebekah.


Rebekah the daughter of Richard Mathews was baptized the 10th day of February 1724.


When their son Thomas was baptised in 1727, we learn that Richardís wife is Sarah.


Thomas Son of Richard Matthews by Sarah his wife was baptized the 12th April.


Since first sons were usually named after their paternal grandfather it is possible, though by no means certain, that Richard was the son of Thomas and Alice Matthew, baptised in Sandford on 25 Nov 1696. However, we cannot be certain that Thomas was the first son, and none of the daughters in Chulmleigh is baptised Alice.


Seven other children followed.

1729 Nov 26 Richd

1734 Sep 8 Joseph

1736 May 11 Sarah, who is probably the daughter whose name is hard to read, who was buried in 1738.

1739 Oct 10 Sarah

1742 Jan 13 Susanah, who died the same year

1743 Sep 11 Robert

1747 Jun 9 Willm


In 1737 the couple were poor enough for the 10-year-old Thomas to be apprenticed by the Chulmleigh Overseers of the Poor. In 1743 John Matthews was similarly apprenticed. He does not appear in the Chulmleigh baptismal register, unless he is the difficult-to-read entry in 1729. Thomasís indentures were at first mistakenly made out in the name of John Mathews. Alternatively, he could be a son of Richard and Sarah born outside Chulmleigh. Joseph was apprenticed by the Overseers in 1747 and 8-year-old Robert in 1751. There is no record of the girls being apprenticed.


In 1748 the unmarried Rebekah had a son George.

The same year, Thomas married Elizabeth Stonement .


There is a burial for Sarah Mathews in 1762, but no record of Richardís death in Chulmleigh.




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