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JOHN BOAVINS fathered a family in the parish of Chawleigh. The village stands on high ground two miles south-east of the small town of Chulmleigh, on the other side of the Little Dart. Its western boundary is the River Taw.


There are a few other Boavins in the parish, who may be his relations. Elizabeth Boavins died in 1690. She could be his mother or sister.

George Boavins was married there in 1697, probably not long after John, though his children were not baptised in Chulmleigh. He, or another George, died in 1709.

Elizabeth Boavins, a possible sister, was married in 1705.

Abigall Boavins had a ‘Base child’ Rachell in 1714. She could be a single woman or George’s widow. Rachel herself became an unmarried mother in 1739.


The baptisms of six of John’s children have been found in Chawleigh. None of these records names his wife.


Baptisms. St James. Chawleigh.

1696 Richard the son of John Boavins was baptized the 23 April

1699 Hag - - the daughter of John Boavins was baptized the 25 March

Her full name is Hagar.

1702 Roger the son of John Boavins was baptized the 13 Dec

1705 John the son of John Boavins was baptized the 20 June

1707 Edward the son of John Boavins was baptized 13 April

1712 Elizabeth the daughter of John Boavins was baptized the 25 Nov


Half these children did not survive. Richard lived less than two years, John less than one, and Elizabeth was three years and three months when she died.


John died before the marriage in 1724 of his only surviving daughter, Hagar, in Chulmleigh.

Burial. St James. Chawleigh.

1722 John Boavins was buried 23 Dec


His son Edward went on to raise his own family in Chulmleigh.




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