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Fay Sampson’s Family History

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HENRY DE LOVEL was the third of the five sons of William Lovel d’Ivry and Mathilde de Beaumont.

He was born in the first half of the 12th century, probably at the family seat of Ivry in Normandy, west of Paris.

His grandfather was known as Ascelin Lupus, the Wolf, because of his ferocious nature, and his father as William Lupellus, the Young Wolf. Three of William’s sons, including Henry were also known as Lupellus. It was becoming an inherited surname, rather than a description of an individual’s character. Lupellus became anglicised as Lovel.


ALICE. Henry’s mother was descended from the prestigious Beaumont family, whose ancestors were kings of France and Russia. We have no such information about his wife. We know only that her name was Alice. Her family name and place of origin are unknown.

She was born around 1130.

They married in 1150.

Henry was lord of the manor of Castle Cary. This came into the hands of the Lovell family in the 12th century. Just as Henry’s father William did not expect to inherit his father’s land until his older brother Robert died without issue, so Henry was not expected to be his father’s heir. The oldest brother Waleran remained in Normandy as lord of the family seat of Ivry. The second, Ralph, became baron of Cary in Somerset.

It was the time of the civil war between Henry I’s daughter Mathilde and his nephew Stephen. Stephen took Cary from Robert of Brampton and awarded it to Ralph in 1136, but Ralph turned against Stephen and held Cary for the Empress Mathilde. He had married well, to Margaret daughter of Edgar Aetehling. Her father had been chosen king after the death of King Harold at the Battle of Hastings, but the Norman victory meant that he never took the throne.

It was only when Ralph died without issue in 1159 that Cary came to the third son Henry.

“To him succeeded his brother Henry Lupellus, or Luvel (third son of William Gouel de Perceval) who, so soon as 1159, (which was at most six years after the death of his father, William) appears possessed of the barony of Kary, being charged and paying for it 5 marks to the crown upon the scutage levied… From this Henry descended the Barons Luvel of Kary, whose male line failed in 1351.”[1]

View from Castle Cary [2]

Stephen won the war against Mathilde, but it was agreed that he should be succeeded by Mathilde’s son Henry.

Around 1162, in the reign of Henry II, William de Clevedon in Somerset is recorded as holding two knight’s fees of Henry Lupellus (Lovell).[3]

Henry and Alice had one known child: Adam de Kari, born in 1170 at Castle Cary, Somerset.

Henry died in Somerset aged 70 in 1190.

Alice survived him by another 24 years. She died at Castle Cary in 1212 at the age of 82.


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