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JOSEPH NEWMAN was christened in Bourn, Cambridgeshire, on 30 July 1843. His parents were James Newman and Mary Anne Triplow.

He was evidently a late child of this marriage. His parents were in their mid-40s when he was born. He was the youngest child.

Bourn is a village 8 miles west of Cambridge.

We find Joseph again in the 1851 census. He is 8 years old and living with his parents, his brothers John (20) and James (16) and his 14-year-old sister Lydia. He also had two other older sisters, Caroline and Ann.

Joseph’s father was a cooper, making barrels, and both his brothers were agricultural labourers. Lydia was still at school, though many other girls of her age were out at work. This suggests the family were not amongst the poorest. Joseph too was a scholar. Until 1866 boys were taught in the church tower and girls in a nearby cottage.[1]

Joseph’s father died in the third quarter of 1857, when Joseph was 14. By the 1861 census, Joseph was living in the village with his widowed mother and his sister Lydia. At 18 he is working as a gardener’s labourer. He might have been employed at Bourn Hall, which must have had a number of outside staff. Queen Victoria once visited it. It is now an IVF clinic. Or it might have been at the vicarage, where Elizabeth worked.


Bourn Vicarage

ELIZABETH HAYNES or HAINES was the same age. She was christened in Bourn on the 29 October 1843. She was the daughter of William Haines and Elizabeth. Her father was an agricultural labourer.

At the 1851 census, 7-year-old Elizabeth is living in Caxton Road, Bourn, with her parents, her brothers George (21) and James (14), both of them agricultural labourers like their father.

Elizabeth went to work as a nursemaid in the vicarage at Bourn, where the young vicar’s wife had just had her first baby. She is there, with other live-in servants, in the 1861 census.

1861 Census. The Vicarage, Bourn.
John Dowell Ridout    Head      Mar      42       Vicar of Bourn            Gloucestershire, Newland
Alicia Maria Ridout     Wife      Mar      26       Clergyman’s wife        Gloucs, Westbury  on Trim
Alice Maud Ridout      Daur                  6 mo                                       Bourn
Frances Harris             Servant Un       64       Housekeeper                Cardigans, Colys
Margaret Hunter          Servant  Un       37       House Maid                 Middx, St Pancras
Elizabeth Haynes        Servant  Un       17       Nurse Maid                  Bourn
Henry Hopper             Servant  Un       19       Man Servant                Cambs, Granchester
Her parents were still alive and living in the village.


Joseph Newman married Elizabeth Haynes  in the parish church of Bourn on Christmas Day 1866. Marriages quite often took place on Christmas Day, because it was a holiday.

They set up home in Cambridge, where 9 daughters and 4 sons were born.

They were living at Union St for the births of their first two daughters. Mary Elizabeth was baptised at St Paul’s on 29 Sep 1867 and Annie on 27 Dec 1868.

By the time of the next birth, they had moved to Sturton St. Frances Mahala was baptised at St Paul’s on 24 April 1870. Mahala was quite a popular name in Cambridgeshire in the 19th century. It is a form of Mahalath, who was the daughter of Ishmael and the wife of Esau.


In the 1871 census the family were living  at 157 Sturton St. The enumerator gives Annie’s name as Anne, and she remains Anne in subsequent records. He has reversed the order of Frances’s names.

1871 Census. 157 Sturton Street, Cambridge.
Joseph Newman         Head    mar      28      Gardener     Cambs, Bourn
Elizabeth Newman     Wife    mar      27                            Do        Do
Mary E Newman         Daur                3       Scholar          Do       Cambridge
Anne Newman            Daur                2                             Do         Do

Seven more children followed. Margaret was baptised at St Paul’s on 26 May 1872, Alice Burton on 25 Oct 1874.
William James was born in the first quarter of 1876. He appears not to have been baptised then. Nor was Arthur, born in the third quarter of 1877. But William must have fallen dangerously ill. He was privately baptised on 29 Sept 1878. In an emergency this could be done by a layperson, and later ratified in church. William evidently survived. He was received into the church at St Paul’s on 20 Oct 1878 and Arthur was baptised the same day. Clearly, their parents did not want to risk the same thing happening to him.
Emma was baptised on 19 Oct 1879 , but at St Barnabas, not St Paul’s.
Charles was born in January 1881. We have found no record of a baptism for him.

By 1881 they were occupying two houses, 29 and 31Sturton Street. The extra space was needed to accommodate their large number of children.

1881 Census. 29 & 31 Sturton Street, Cambridge.
Joseph Newman          Head    Mar      38        Gardener          Bourn
Elizabeth Newman      Wife    Mar      37                                   Bourn
Mary E Newman          Daur    Unm    13        Scholar                 Cambridge
Anne Newman             Daur    Unm    12        Scholar                 Cambridge
Frances M Newman     Daur    Unm    11        Scholar                 Cambridge
Margaret Newman       Daur    Unm    9         Scholar                  Cambridge
Alice Burton Newman Daur    Unm    6         Scholar                    Cambridge
William J Newman      Son      Unm    5         Scholar                    Cambridge
Arthur Newman          Son      Unm    3         Scholar                    Cambridge
Emma Newman          Daur    Unm    1                                        Cambridge
Charles Newman         Son      Unm    3 mo                                   Cambridge

Margaret died later that year, aged 9. She was buried on 19 Jul 1881.

Maud Susanna was born in the first quarter of 1883. No baptism has been found for her.

By the time the next child was born, the family had moved to Terrace Lane. Herbert George was born in 1886 and baptised at St Paul’s on 22 Dec.

He was followed by Olive Lilian, baptised on 7 Dec 1887. Olive lived only 9 months. She was buried at St Paul’s on 17.Dec 1887.

Herbert was buried there on 10 Sep 1889, aged two.

Mabel was born on 12 Jul 1900 and baptised at St Paul’s on 1 Nov.


In the 1891 census they had moved to Fitzroy Street. Anne, Frances and Alice have left home. Margaret has died. But Mary, at 23, and two of the teenage boys are not, as might have been expected, out at work, but kept at home. They are listed as employed, with the word “Dom” (Domestic) against them. It is not clear what their work was.

1891 Census. 23 Fitzroy Street, Cambridge.
Joseph Newman          Head    m         48        Gardener                              Bourn, Cambs
Elizth Newman           W         m         47                                                        Bourn, Cambs
Mary E Newman          D         un        23        Keep at home / Dom                Cambridge
Wm James Newman    S                      15        Keep at home / Dom                Cambridge
Arthur Newman           S          13        Keep at home / Dom                            Cambridge
Emma Newman          D                     11                                                          Cambridge
Charles Newman         S                      10                                                          Cambridge
Maude S Newman       D                     9                                                            Cambridge
Mable Newman           D                     9 months                                               Cambridge

Yet another child, Frank, was born two years later. He was at St Paul’s on 12 May 1900. By then, the family had move to Bentinck Street, in Newtown, to the south of the city centre.

They were there for the 1901 census.

1901 Census.  1 Bentinck Street, Cambridge.
Joseph Newman          Head    M         58        Gardener          Worker         Cambs, Bourn
Elizabeth Newman      Wife    M         57                                                        Cambs, Bourn
Maud S Newman         Daur    S          18        Assists at home                        Cambridge
Mabel Newman                       Daur                10                                              Cambridge
Frank Newman                        Son                  8                                                Cambridge

James’s designation as a Worker means that he was employed to work as a gardener, and not in business on his own account, as he was later.

Even though there are only 2 young children at home, Maud is still helping Elizabeth, instead of finding work outside the home. It may be that bearing 14 children had left Elizabeth in poor health.

They are still in Bentinck Street for the 1911 census, but at no.2.

1911 Census. 2 Bentinck St, Newtown, Cambridge.
Joseph Newman    Head               68   Married  Jobing Gardener, Own Account       Bourn, Cambs
Elizabeth Newman  Wife               67   Married                                             Bourn, Cambs
Anne Salisbury       Daughter         41   Widdow                                                   Cambridge
Maud Newman       Daughter         28   Single     At home                                    Cambridge
Jessie Salisbury      Granddaughter 18    Single    Tailoress, Worker                       Cambridge
Percy Salisbury       Grandson        10   School                                                        Cambridge

Anne Salisbury is their second child. She married Frederick Salisbury and had four children by him. He died in 1905, aged 37. Jessie is her second child and Percy her youngest. Jessie may have been working for the same firm as her father.

The couple say that they have had 14 children, of whom 11 are still alive.

In 1921, they are still at 2 Bentinck Street. With them are their daughter Maud, the tenth of their eleven children, her husband, Bertie Lofts, and the Lofts’ two children. Their grandson Percy Salisbury, who was with them in the 1911 census, is still living with them, and now out at work.

1921 Census. 2 Bentinck St, Cambridge.
Joseph Newman       Head                 77y 10m   Married  Cambs, Bourn
Retired Gardener  Own Account
Elizabeth Newman   Wife                 76y 11 m  Married  Cambs, Bourn
Bertie Lofts               Son-in-law         36y 10m  Married  Cambs, Girton
Washer  Miss Montgomery, Wellbrook Laundry, Girton
Maud Lofts               Daughter            38y 5m     Married  Cambridge
Barbara Lofts            Granddaughter   4y 9m                     Cambridge
Isla Lofts                  Granddaughter   2y 10m                   Cambridge
Percy Salisbury         Grandson           20y 9m     Single     Cambridge
Grocer’s Assistant  Messrs Mathews & Sons Ltd, Trinity St, Cambridge.


Joseph died two years later. He was buried at St Paul’s, Cambridge, on 23 Feb 1923, aged 79

Elizabeth died seven months later. She too was buried at St Paul’s, on 4 Sep 1923, aged 79.

Their eighth child Emma married Charlie Cox of Cromer.

[1] www.bourn.org.uk/history.htm




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