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 JOSEPH TRIPLOW. Alan March’s Newman ancestry takes us to Cambridgeshire. We find Joseph Triplow, whose daughter Mary Ann married James Newman, in the village of Meldreth. This is 3 m north of Royston and 9 m south of Cambridge. It was known for its fruit production.

Joseph Triplow’s age at death gives him a birth date of 1761-2. We have been unable to find a baptism for him.

There is, however, a baptism in Meldreth in 1768 for James, son of William and Susan Thryplow. These parents must be the William Triplow and Susan Howard who married in Meldreth in1758.

No other baptisms have been found for this couple either under Triplow or Thryplow.

There is a high likelihood that these are Joseph’s parents, but we cannot confirm this until we have access to the parish registers, and not just indexes of baptisms.

It is also possible that the family were Dissenters, and that Joseph was not baptised in the parish church. In the 17th century a large number of the parish were Dissenters, and in 1759 John Wesley preached in Meldreth to some 4,000 people.

Meldreth is 5 miles from the village of Thriplow, and this is doubtless where the surname came from.


JANE ADAMS. Jane’s age in the 1841 census gives her a birth date between 1771 and 1776, while the 1851 census and the age given at her burial put it between 1760 and 1762. She is said in the 1851 census to have been born in Orwell.

Her age in the 1851 census and in the burial register were given by someone else. The 1841 census is more likely to be correct. Her memory may also have been failing as she grew older.

No baptism has been found for her in the 1760s, either in Orwell or nearby.

There is a baptism in Orwell that fits the 1841 census.
Baptism. Orwell.
1774 Jul 7  Jane daughter of Thomas and Sarah Adams.
Her mother was Sarah Armstrong.

On 9 Dec 1780 there was a burial in Orwell for Jane Adams. The information comes from a burial index which does not say whether this was a child or an adult. When children died, it was usually within a year of two of birth, but we cannot rule this out as the death of the 6-year-old.

Assuming that she did live to adulthood and is the Jane Adams who married Joseph Triplow, then she was the ninth of ten children.

Orwell is a village 7 miles SW of Cambridge. The River Cam forms part of the southern boundary of the parish. It was built on chalk land, and was almost entirely agricultural.

There are no Adams in the Meldreth registers for 80 years before Jane’s marriage. Weddings usually took place in the bride’s parish. Jane must have moved there from Orwell to find work.


Marriage. Meldreth
?1792 Oct 16  Joseph Triplow and Jane Adams.

They had 12 children baptised in the church of Holy Trinity.
Baptisms. Holy, Trinity, Meldreth.
1793 Jun 9  Charles
1795 Mar 22  Susanna
This may be the Susanna who was buried on 19 Mar 1797.
1796 Nov 6  Sarah
1798 Nov 18  William
1800 Dec 21  Sarah
1803 born Apr 3, bapt May 22  Mary Ann(e)
1805 May 19  Peter
1806 born Sep 27, bapt 1807 Mar 29  Joseph
1808 born Nov 10, bapt 1809 Feb 19  Samuel
1810 born Aug 7,H bapt 1812 Jul 25  John
John was buried on 14 Jul 1814, aged 3.
1812 born May 6, bapt 1812 Jul 25  James
1817 born Mar 12, bapt 1818 Jan 18  John
At this final baptism, Joseph’s occupation is given as labourer.

In 1841 the couple are living in the High Street with their son Samuel. Joseph’s occupation is described more precisely as agricultural labourer.

1841 Census. High Street, Meldreth.
Joseph Triplow           75        Ag lab         Y
Jane Triplow               65                           Y
Samuel Triplow            25        Ag lab         Y

Meldreth High Street [1]

Joseph died three years later. He did not live long enough for the 1851 census, which would have given us more exact information about his birthplace.

Burial. Meldreth.
1844 May 12  Joseph Triplow  aged 82.

By the next census, Jane has moved 6 miles away, to the Cambridgeshire Croydon, and is now living with her daughter Sarah and her family. It is here that we learn about her birthplace.

1851 Census. Rectory, Croydon cum Clapton, Caxton, Cambs.
John Haylett          Head           Mar      52        Agricultural labourer            Cambs, Croydon
Sarah Haylett        Wife            Mar      54                                                   Cambs, Meldreth
John Haylett          Son             Mar      28        Agricultural labourer            Croydon
Ann Haylett          Daur           Mar      29                                                   Croydon
Joseph Haylett      Son             Un       12                                                   Croydon
Jane Triplow        Relative       Wid      87                                                   Cambs, Orwell

Jane died the same year and was buried back in Meldreth with Joseph. Her age is now given as 90.

Burial. Meldreth
1851 Oct 21  Jane Triplow  aged 90


[1] https://www.meldrethhistory.org.uk/





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