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Fay Sampson’s Family History

This site is a work-in-progress. There is a massive amount to cover. I have included both male and female lines, and some go back 30 generations. Keep coming back for more.
I have numbered the generations working backwards from my own as (1)



JOHN FROST. His baptism has not been found. His son John was the first of this name to be baptised in Sandwich. This older John was married in 1676 which leads us to expect a birth date around 1650. [1]
   The Canterbury records show only two baptisms of John Frost before that of John junior in Sandwich. Both are from St Mary the Virgin, Dover. One is for John son of John ffrost on 15 April 1632, the other on 2 Feb 1633/4 also for John son of John ffrost. If either of these is correct that would make him 42-44 at the time of his marriage, which is unusually old. More probably his baptism is in another early register which is now lost or illegible.

At the time of his marriage he is said to be of St Lawrence, Isle of Thanet. This parish is now part of Ramsgate at the NE tip of Kent.


SUSANNA NEALE. It is highly likely that Susanna’s baptism was at St Mary the Virgin, Sandwich, on 15 April, 1647. She was the daughter of James Neale junior and Margaret Hindmarsh. married at St Peter, Sandwich, 1645.
She was the eldest of eleven children, six of whom died in infancy. Two other  brothers died in their twenties. The likelihood is that the family were living in poverty. We do not know her father’s occupation, but one of her brothers became a labourer before dying at the age of 22.

The keeping of many parish registers was disrupted during the Commonwealth Interregnum of the 1640s to 1661 following the Civil War. Those of Sandwich survived. Kent was largely Royalist in the war.

 Sandwich  [2]

 On  24 Jan 1668/9 John Brockman widower married Susannah Neale at St Peter’s, Sandwich. Susannah was 21.
John Brockman had previously been married to Mary Menings on 29 April 1666 at St Clements, Sandwich. There were three sons from that marriage.

John bapt 16 May 1667  . He was buried on 24 July that year
Benjamin and Thomas 8 Nov 1668. 

We do not have a record of Mary’s burial, but the births cease after 1668.

John Brockman and Susanna had another two children baptised at St Mary the Virgin.

Margaret 2 Dec  1669
John 11 Dec 1670 

The following year John Brockman died. He was buried on 16 Oct 1671 at St Mary, Sandwich.

 Five years later, on 21 Jan 1676/7, Susanna married again. The wedding took place at St Mary the Virgin, Sandwich.

John Frost of the parish of St Lawrence in the Isle of Thanet and Susana Brockman widdow married the 21st January.

On the same day Susanna’s sister Margaret Neale married Jacob Chapman.

Susanna’s stepsons, the twins Benjamin and Thomas, would then have been 8 years old, and her own children by John Brockman 7 and 6. We do not know whether the twins remained with her, or whether relatives from the Brockman family took charge of them.

John Frost and Susanna went on to have six children baptised at St Mary.

John 23 Sep 1677
James 11 Jan 1679/80Susanna  9 Jul  1682.
The following year Susanna’s stepson Thomas Brockman died, aged 15. He was buried on 23 Dec  1683.

Three more baptisms followed.

Anne  25 May 1684. 
Elizabeth   24 April 1687 
Their second son James was buried on 3 Feb 1687/8, aged 8.
The following year, 1689, Margaret was baptised on 18 Aug, but lived only two months. She was buried on 31 Oct.

Next year, 1690, was disastrous for the family.
First Susanna died and was buried at St Mary the Virgin, Sandwich, on 13 April, aged 43.
Less than three weeks later, Elizabeth was buried on 30 April, aged 3.
Finally, 7-year-old Susanna died. She was buried on 22 May.

This was five years after the Great Plague of London. There were sporadic outbreaks around the country at this time. Or it may have been simply the effects of poverty, with malnourishment lowering their resistance to disease.

Both of Susanna’s children by John Brockman seem to have survived, but only two of her six children by John Frost.

John was still alive at the time of Susanna’s death.

John was still alive at the time of Susanna’s death. His burial may be that of “John Frost poor” on 22 May 1729, when he would have been around 80, or it could be his son of the same name, who was 52 then. The designation “poor” means that he was given a pauper’s funeral, paid for by the parish’s poor fund.


[1] Genealogical information from Findmypast: Canterbury Archdeaconry records.
[2] https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/7e/52/4a/7e524ab8304b5d879e3ce5c73d6e4a5b.jpg




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