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Fay Sampson’s Family History

This site is a work-in-progress. There is a massive amount to cover. I have included both male and female lines, and some go back 30 generations. Keep coming back for more.
I have numbered the generations working backwards from my own as (1)



ANTHONY READE was the son of George Reade/Rodes and Elizabeth Arden.

He was baptised in Sandwich in 1602, the year before Queen Elizabeth died.

Baptism. St Mary the Virgin, Sandwich.
1602 Dec 27   Anthonie Read sonn of Georg

He was the second of four children baptised in Sandwich and the only boy. But there were probably at least two older brothers baptised in Canterbury.

His mother died when he was six.

Anthony grew up to become a maltster. This may have been his father’s occupation too, but we have no confirmation of this.

The principal ingredients of beer are water, yeast, malted barley and hops. The maltster extracted malt from barley to supply the brewers.
“Raw barley is steeped in water to precipitate the germination process before being transferred to the germination floors. ‘This is where the maltster’s great skill comes into its own,’ enthuses Mr Appel.
‘His job is to slow down and manage the germination process, with the objective of providing exactly the right environment for converting starch into sugar.’
The grain is raked up to four times a day. If the room gets too hot, it’s naturally cooled by opening the windows.
After five days, when the conversion of the starch is complete, the green malt is transferred to the kiln for curing and drying.” [1]



Anthony married in 1626 at the age of 23. His first wife was Marian Janes.

Mariann Jeans, daughter of Thomas, was baptised at St Clements, Sandwich on 29 Dec 1609, making her seven years younger than Anthony.

Marriage. St Peter, Sandwich
1626 Aug 10  Anthony Reade and Marian Janes

The couple had seven children.
Baptisms. St Peter, Sandwich.
1627 Jun 13   Thomas
1629 Mar 29  Susana
1630/1 Feb 13   Anna
1634 Apr 6   George.
Two months later George was buried on Jun 3.
1635 Jul 12   John
1638 May 6  Jared
1640/1 Jan 3  Elizabeth

Marian died later that year.

Burial. St Peter, Sandwich.
1641 Aug 3. Maryan wyfe of Anthony Reade.

 The baby Elizabeth survived only 18 months. She was buried on 3 Jul 1642

Anthony remarried with unusual haste, only a fortnight after Marian’s burial. There is no indication that Anne was pregnant. It may be that Marian had been dying for some time, and Anthony had been concerned to find someone to look after his six children.


ANNA SHEPHARD. Anna’s marriage licence says she is the daughter of John Shephard, resident in St Mary Bredman, Canterbury, and aged about 30.

This gives us the following baptism.
Baptism. Canterbury.
1610 Nov 10   Anna Shepard daughter of John

She was the second of six daughters, one of whom died young.

There is reason to believe that she may have been the granddaughter of Mr John Shepard, a minor canon of Canterbury Cathedral, but we have not been able to confirm this.

Anna was 30 when she married, while Anthony was 39.


Marriage. St Mary Breadman,  Canterbury.
1641 Aug 17  Anthony Reade and Anne Shephard were married by licence.

We learn from the marriage licence that he was a maltster of St Peter, Sandwich, and a widower. She was aged about 30, the daughter John Shephard, resident in the parish of St Mary Bredman, Canterbury.

We believe that Anthony had two older brothers baptised at St Mary Bredman. There may have been a family connection there who introduced Anthony to Anna.

The family lived through the Civil War of the 1640s, but Kent played little part in this.

There were three children of this marriage, baptised in Sandwich.

Baptism. St Clement, Sandwich
1642 Sep 11  Anthony

Baptism. St Peter, Sandwich
1646 May 8  George
1648 Jul 12  Anna

Anna senior died the following year.

Burial. St Peter, Sandwich.
1649 Oct 27. Anna wife of Anthony Reade

The following year, on 3 Apr 1650, George was buried at St Peter’s, aged nearly four. A son George of Anthony’s earlier marriage, named after Anthony’s father, had also died in infancy.

In 1672 we have the burial at St Peter’s of Mary the widow of Anthony Reade. We have not identified this couple. It may be that the widower Anthony married for a third time and died before 1672. In this case, the following death would be for his son.

We have not found a burial for Anthony, but the will of Anthony Read of St Bartholomew’s Hospital, Sandwich, was proved in 1682. He is recorded as having no occupation.

St Bartholomew’s Hospital was an almshouse situated just off the cattle market. It was an extra-parochial place, belonging to none of Sandwich’s three parishes.

If this is the older Anthony, would have been 79. The details fit more naturally with him than with his 39-year-old son.


[1] Country Life. https://www.countrylife.co.uk/food-drink/maltster-dying-art-thats-thousands-years-old-gaining-recognised-175878
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