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Fay Sampson’s Family History

This site is a work-in-progress. There is a massive amount to cover. I have included both male and female lines, and some go back 30 generations. Keep coming back for more.
I have numbered the generations working backwards from my own as (1)

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HENRY WILSON. Henry Wilson came from the village of Ringwould, two miles south of Deal. He married in 1575, giving him an estimated birth date around 1550. The Ringwould registers date from the 1560s, too late to record his baptism.

When the registers begin, there is just one Wilson family raising children in Ringwould. We have a baptism for William, son of Thomas Wilson, in 1560.  This is followed by other children of Thomas in the 1570s .It seems probable that Henry is an older son of Thomas, or just possibly his younger brother.

We do not know his mother’s name. There is a burial in 1606 for “Mother Wilson alias Arthure” who is probably his mother. If we are right about his parentage, he seems to have had about five brothers. A sister, twin to his brother Richard, died at two days old. There may have been other siblings born before the Ringwould registers start.

Henry’s daughter Elizabeth married a fisherman from the seaside village of Kingsdown, which lies within the parish of Ringwould. We have no information about whether Henry was also a fisherman. Kingsdown lies at the northernmost end of the white cliffs of Dover.

Kingsdown [1]

Elizabeth I came to the throne in 1558, when Henry was probably a young boy. Most of his life was lived during her long reign. She died in 1603.


DOROTHYE CLARINGBOLL. The handwriting for her surname in the parish register has caused problems for transcribers. It appears as Clar.Dybol and Claridg, as well as Claringbole.

When she married, Dorothye was said to be of Ringwould. The only other occurrence of the name in the parish is the burial in 1604 of Richard Claringboll. We may speculate that this was her father.

Other instances of the surname at this time are in Sandwich, Ash Next Sandwich, Woodnesborough between the two, and Nonington west of Deal. Richard may have come from one of these. There is no evidence of his having a larger family in Ringwould.

We do not have Dorothy’s baptism. She is likely to have been born around 1550, too early for the Ringwould register. Or it may have been in another parish.


Marriage. St Nicholas, Ringwould.
1574/5 Feb ?  Henry Wilson and Dorothye Claringboll

This is three years before Francis Drake sailed around the world.


The couple had six children.

 Baptisms. S t Nicholas, Ringwould
1575 Nov 27  Robert
1577 May 4 Luke. He was buried less than a year later on 14 Feb 1577/8.
1583 Dec 1  Elizabeth
1586 Mar 27  Richard
1588 Jan 26  Henry
1591 Oct 14  Anne
Richard lived ten years. He was buried on 5 Nov 1596.


Burials. St Nichoas, Ringwould.

1605 Jan 18  Mother Willson widowe. An insertion after Willson says “ alias Arthure”.

Aliases (alternative surnames) are common in Devon, but rarely found in Kent. There is only one other occurrence of the surname Arthur in the early Ringwould records, and this is not an alias. Robarte Arthur was buried on 26 Mar 1573/4. There are burials for Peter Arthur in Dover in 1603 and another Peter Arthur in Deal in 1604.

Mother Willson is probably Henry’s mother.

1608 Mar 27  Henry Willson  an aged man.

From the date of his marriage we have estimated Henry’s birth date as around 1550. This would make him approximately 58 in 1608. This hardly seems to warrant the designation of “an aged man”. Perhaps he was older than we thought when he married Dorothye, or this is an older, previously unknown, Henry, possibly his grandfather.

All we know for certain about his death is that it occurred in or before 1635.

Dorothye lived until a few years before the Civil War.

1635 May 7 Dorothea Wilson widowe

We estimate her age to be around 85, less if she married younger than the usual mid-twenties.


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