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Fay Sampson’s Family History

This site is a work-in-progress. There is a massive amount to cover. I have included both male and female lines, and some go back 30 generations. Keep coming back for more.
I have numbered the generations working backwards from my own as (1)

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RICHARD LERCEDEKNE was the fourth of the ten children of  Sir John Lercedekne and Cecily Haccombe. He was born 1337 in Ruan Lanihorne, Cornwall. Both his parents were considerable landowners.

Ruan Lanihorne stands near the mouth of the River Fal. It takes its name from the Cornish saint Rumon, of whom little is known except his name. The parish church is dedicated to him and there is St Ruan’s holy well.

St Ruan’s well[1]

In 1387 Richard married Joanna Boson in Ruan Lanihorne.


JOANNA BOSON is said by some to be the daughter of John Boson of Wisset, near Norwich in Norfolk. This Joan was born there in 1366, making her nearly 30 years younger than Richard.

More plausible is another tree that makes her the daughter of John Boson of Bozumzeal in the parish of Dittisham, north of Dartmouth.


The couple had at least two children:

Thomas, born 1388 in Ruan Lanihorne

Florence, born 1390.


The principal heir of Richard’s parents Sir John Lercedekne and Cecily Haccombe was their son Warin, sometime governor of Tintagel Castle. He predeceased Richard, leaving no male offspring. His lands passed first to his wife Elizabeth and then, on her death in 1407, to Richard and Joan’s son Thomas. The Lercedekne’s early connection with Shobrooke is given further witness in the IPM of Warin’s wife Elizabeth in 1407.

m.8. Devon .

Elizabeth held the manor of Shokebroke for life, by the gift of Thomas Raymounde, held of John Earl of Somerset, of his manor of Stamford Peverell in socage: worth by the year, clear, £8.2s.


m.10. Cornwall

Inquisition taken at Launceston, Tuesday the morrow of St Gregory the Pope, 9 Hen IV [13 March, 1407/8].

The jurors… say that Elizabeth who was the wife of Warin Larchedekene held lands specified in inquisitions already returned, to wit,indower:- 2 cottages and 2 furlongs in Cadeston, worth by the year, clear, 6s 8d.

A cottage and furlong in Vorsknap, worth, &c, 3s 4d.

Do. in Croft, worth 3s 4d.

All which said Warin held to himself and his heirs male of the gift of Adam Prestr, clk, by fine levied 39 Edw. III between said Adam, plaintiff, and John Lercedeakne, knt, and Cicely his wife, deforciants, whereby those lands were settled upon said John and Cicely and Ralph their son, with remainders to Warin husband of said Elizabeth and brother of said Ralph and his heirs male, and to Richard brother of said Warin and his heirs male: by the name of 5 messuages, a mill, 14 acres of land & 6d rent in Dynnerdawyk, Vorsknap, Uphamme, Cadeston, Croft, Highflete, Cadebury and Manyton.

John and Cicely are dead; Ralph died without male issue and the remainder falls to Thomas son of said Richard aged 21.

The lands are held of the Earl of Stafford, of his manor of Calylond, in socage.

Her IPM for Devon says more about Richard’s brothers.

m.13. Devon.

Inquisition taken at Exetr 20 March 9 Hen IV [1407/8] before Nicholas Brompford, escheator.

Jurors as above…. repeat much of what was said on m.8. The fine levied Easter 29 Edw III [1365] included 5 messuages, 2 mills, lands and £20.11s 6d rent in Lyham, Colrigg, Southtaunton [South Tawton], Lobbe, Churchull, Pydykwille, Overhamme, Netherhamme, Asselond, Wythybrigg, Hoo, Bokelond, Cheford and Manyton.

Adam Prestr’ by that fine regranted the lands in Buckland to John Lercedekne and Cicely his wife, with remainder to Reginald brother of Martin brother of Robert brother of John brother of Otho brother of Richard brother of Warin brother of Ralph son of said John & Cicely.

Robert, Ralph and Reginald died without issue male; Richard died, leaving issue Thomas, yet living; Warin died without issue male, and Elizabeth being dead, the 1/3 forming her dower should remain to the said Thomas.

We know that Warin had daughters, and it is possible that Robert, Ralph and Reginald did too.  But the fact that so many sons left no male issue may mean that some of them died young of the Black Death in the mid-14th century.


Richard and Joan raised a considerable family.

Richard died 20 Sep 1400 in Ruan Lanihorne.


His son and heir Thomas was then only 12. The King made provision for Edmund Parker to administer his estates during Thomas’s minority. He granted custody and the right to approve Thomas’s marriage to Martin Lercedeakne, a clerk in holy orders who was probably Richard’s brother, and John Boson, who was presumably Joanna’s father or brother.

When Thomas came of age in 1409, an IPM was held to determine Thomas’s inheritance.


LERCHEDEAKENE, Richard.  10 Henry IV [1409]

Chancery Inq. p. m. Hen IV.  File 70 (12)


  1. 1. Writ dated at Westminster 21 May 10 Hen IV [1409]
  2. 2. Devon

Inquisition taken at Exeter 5 June 10 Hen IV [1409] before John Gorges, escheator; by the oath of Roger Page, John Spring’, John Somer, Michael Carter, Ralph Feraunt, Walter Midwynter, John Lacche, Joseph Sans, Henry Spencer, Roger Yidbury, Thomas Trenster & Henry Frensshe: Who say that Richard Lercedeakne held one messuage & the moiety of a carucate of land & 2s rent in Churchill and Urfham, held of the King, by knight’s service, of the manor of Dertyngton, in the King’s hands by forfeiture of John, earl of Huntyngdon; worth by the year, clear 26s 8d. Also one messuage & one carucate in Lobbe, held of William Were; worth, c, £2.

By letters patent dated 14 Oct 2 Hen IV [1400] the King granted to Edmund Parker the lands which belonged to Richard aforesaid, until the heir should be of age. The said Edmund granted to Martin Lercedekne, clk, and John Boson’, the custody and marriage of the said heir: they have been receiving the profits of the lands.

Richard Lercedeakne died in the vigil of St Mathew  1 Hen IV [20 Sept 1400]

Thomas, son & heir, aged 21 on 3 May last past.


Their daughter Florence married John Denebaud of Hinton St George in Somerset.


[1] https://www.megalithic.co.uk/a558/a312/gallery/England/cornwall/ikn_DSCF6468.JPG





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