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Fay Sampson’s Family History

This site is a work-in-progress. There is a massive amount to cover. I have included both male and female lines, and some go back 30 generations. Keep coming back for more.
I have numbered the generations working backwards from my own as (1)

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JOHN DE KARRY is the only known child of William de Kary and Alice Beaumont.

He was the fourth of that name to be lord of the manor of Kari in St Giles on the Heath, north of Launceston. He was born there around 1270 at the end of the reign of Henry III. The family seat was probably on the site of the present Carey Barton, overlooking the River Cary as it flows south to join the Tamar.

His mother’s family had been established in north Devon since Norman times.

John’s was the last generation to use the Karry form of his name. After him, the spelling became Cary. The use of the French “de” was also becoming optional. Sometimes people used it when their parents did not.[1]

He has no connection with Castle Cary in Somerset, where there has never been a lord of the manor named Cary.[2]


PHILIPPA ARCHDEACON is said to be the daughter of Sir Warren Archdeacon.[3] This information comes from the 19th-century historian Vivian, based on the Heralds’ Visitations. It may be true, but it should be treated with caution. Later in the 14th century there was a Philippa whose father was Warren Archdeacon/L’Ercedekne. Certainly the family trees that give her mother as Elizabeth Talbot are confusing the two.

We have Archdeacons/L’Ercedeknes elsewhere on our family tree. The name Warren is unusual, so if that really is the name of Philippa’s father then she is probably connected to the L’Ercdeknes of Shobrooke in Devon.. A Warren of that name was three times MP in the later 14th century. The repeated use of the name Philippa would also suggest a link.

She was born around 1274, near the beginning of the reign of Edward I.


The 13th century had been marked by hostility to the Jews, including the massacre of London Jews during the Barons’ War of the 1260s. Among the achievements of Edward (Longshanks) I was the institution of a permanent Parliament. But he was also responsible for the expulsion of all Jews from England in 1290. It was three and a half centuries before they were invited back by Oliver Cromwell.

Two Jews (centre) being assaulted [4]


In 1299 John de Karry married Philippa Archdeacon.

They had a son William in the year following their marriage.

Two years later John was born.


Philippa died the following year. Several trees give her death place as Haccombe in Devon, but this is again a confusion with a later Philippa Archdeacon.

John’s father William had died the previous year. John would have inherited his estates. But he did not have long to enjoy his inheritance. He died a year later. He was only 34.

The number of family deaths around 1303 makes one wonder whether there was an outbreak of disease such as the plague. Later that century, England was decimated by the Black Death.


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