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Fay Sampson’s Family History

This site is a work-in-progress. There is a massive amount to cover. I have included both male and female lines, and some go back 30 generations. Keep coming back for more.
I have numbered the generations working backwards from my own as (1)

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JOHN TOREL was the son and heir of John Torel senior and his wife Agnes, and grandson of William Torel, lord of the manor of West Thurrock and Little Thurrock on the Essex side of the Thames estuary.

He was born around 1274, early in the reign of Edward I.

His father died when John was three. It is likely that he was brought up by his grandparents, William and Alice Torel.

Until he came of age, he was a ward of the king. The lands he inherited from his father were administered by John de Hamme, vicar of the adjacent parish of Stifford until his death, and his brother Roger de Hamme. They purchased this right for 27 marks. After his brother John’s death, Roger de Hamme complained that John Torel’s lands were “wasted”.

John came of age in 1305. There had to be a proof of age, to verify that he was 21. This was obtained by collecting statements from witnesses who could remember the day of his birth. The proof itself has been lost, but we know that it was established in 33 Edward I [1305-6].


John was descended from a long line of Torels who held the office of Serjeant Naperer, in charge of the king’s table linen at ceremonies like the coronation. They held lands in Little Thurrock in return for this service, plus a payment of 10s.. We know from his Inquisition Post Mortem that John also performed this office.


We do not have his wife’s name.


We know of one son, John junior, born around 1306.

Stained glass from St Clement’s, West Thurrock[1]


John died in 1329, in the third year of the reign of Edward III.

He had lands in Essex and Sussex.

In Essex he held: Little Thorrok. Land and rents (extent given), held of the king in chief, by serjeanty, viz.—by being keeper of the napery (naparius) in the king’s household, and by service of 10s. to be paid yearly, in the king’s exchequer, and 2s. yearly at the hundred of Berdestaple into the hands of the earl of Kent, which is called ‘wardsilver.’

West Thorrok. A capital messuage, lands and rent (extent given), held in socage of the heir of John de Breaunson, who is under age and in the king’s wardship, by service of 27s. 7 1/2d. yearly.

In Sussex: Bebynton. A moiety of the manor (extent given), held of the heirs of Robert Tatteshale, by service of a knight’s fee with his parcener.
John his son, aged 23 years and more, is his next heir.


Bebynton is another name for Bepton, a manor near Chichester, handed down through this family from John’s great-grandmother Alice de Dunstanville.

[1] John Whitworth. https://www.essexchurches.info/images/018/0188g003.jpg




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