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Fay Sampson’s Family History

This site is a work-in-progress. There is a massive amount to cover. I have included both male and female lines, and some go back 30 generations. Keep coming back for more.
I have numbered the generations working backwards from my own as (1)

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WILLIAM DE BOSON. We have little information about the ancestors of Robert de Boson. Some online family trees give a succession of three Williams, some insert John between the first two Williams, while another equates John with the second William.

There seems general agreement that the father of Robert de Boson was William de Boson. He is thought to have been born around 1200, and to be the son of another William de Boson. His mother is unknown.

Some trees say William’s wife is unknown. Several say her name was Margery, and one that she is Margery Auld.


MARGERY ?AULD. Margery is said to have been born in Norwich in 1205. Because of the distance between Norfolk and Devon this should be treated with caution. It may relate to a different Margery, but it could be true. Landed families did marry over considerable distances.


Our early Bosons seem to have owned the manor of Ilton in Malborough. This is in the South Hams, the far south of Devon, east of Plymouth.

 The church of All Saints in Malborough was rebuilt in the 15th century, but the tower and spire are 13th century. William or his son may have contributed to the building of it.

All Saints, Malborough[1]


William and Margery are thought to have had two sons, John and Robert.

As estate owners, William and Margery would have had serfs farming 10-20 acres, and doing service to their lord for this.
Devon was coming under more intense cultivation.


William died around 1244, aged 44.

 We have no information about Margery’s death.


[1] Escape to Britain. The Cathedral of the South Hams – The Church of All Saints, Malborough.





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