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Fay Sampson’s Family History

This site is a work-in-progress. There is a massive amount to cover. I have included both male and female lines, and some go back 30 generations. Keep coming back for more.
I have numbered the generations working backwards from my own as (1)


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WILLIAM LOCKEAR.  The Lockear family, who later occur as Lockyer or Lockyear, make their first appearance in the West Worlington registers in 1707.

Baptism. West Worlington.
1706 (1707)  William, Son of William Lockear & Judith his wife, Bapt: ye 7th of January

This baptismal register begins in 1694, so either William junior is their eldest child or William and Judith moved to West Worlington from another parish. The marriage register begins in 1693, and William and Judith’s marriage is not recorded there. This suggests that Judith, at least, was not from West Worlington, but William would have been born before the parish baptismal register began and may be from a local family.

Their baby William died the following year.

Burial. West Worlington.
1707 (1708) William, son of William Lockyer was buryed ye 18th of January 1707. Cath Wallin made Affid:

At that time an affidavit had to be made attesting that the corpse had been buried in a woollen shroud. West Worlington registers name the person who made the affidavit.


More children followed.

1711  Robert, Son of William Lockear & Judith his wife was bapt: ye 12th day of October
1713  Anne, ye daughter of Wm Lockear, & Judith his wife, was bapt: ye 17th day of May
1714 (1715)  John Son of William Lockear & Judith his wife was baptized the 24th of February                     
1717  Elizabeth  Dtr of Wm Lockear & Judith his wife was baptized June twentieth 1717

In 1728 Catherine Wallin, who had prepared little William’s body for burial, died herself. Her own affidavit was made by another Lockear.

1728  Catherine Wallin was buried ye 2d Day of May. Julian Lockear made affidavit.

On the assumption that it was probably older women who performed this service, and since no other Lockears appear in the parish registers, Julian Lockear may be the older William’s mother. She performed the same function for Charity Drake later that year. She herself died four years later.

1732  Julian Lockyear was buried ye thirtieth Day of July: Prudence Skinner made affidavit.


A few years later, some of William and Judith’s grandchildren were born in West Worlington. In 1737 and 1740 Robert Lockyer and his wife Joan had children baptised in the parish church, and in 1739 John and Mary Lockyer’s first child, also John, was baptised there, though the family then moved to East Worlington.

William died in 1744

Burial. West Worlington.
1743(1744) William Lockyear   March ye 15th  1743.  Grace Treble affid.

The burial register ends in 1808. There is no record of Judith’s burial, and it may be that she moved to another parish to live with one of her children.





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