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WILLIAM BEAN. From the time when he started his family, we should expect a birth date for William around 1635.  This matches the following.

Baptism. Tadcaster.
1636 Sep 17  William the sonne of Ralfe Beane.

His parents were Ralph Beane and Elizabeth Heighley, both of Tadcaster. They had married in February of that year, when Elizabeth was already pregnant with William.

His father was a malster in this North Yorkshire town known for its breweries.

We know of only one brother.

William grew up during the Civil War. He would have been six in 1642, when the Battle of Tadcaster resulted in the Parliamentarian army retreating from Tadcaster, leaving the town to the Royalists.

His son Ralph also became a maltster, like William’s father, so we might have expected that William would be one too, but there is evidence that he was a shoemaker, unless this is a different William Beane.

The Ark, Tadcaster, 15th century[1]

We have not found William’s marriage. It may have happened in the late 1650s. In some parishes there is a gap in the s in the Commonwealth period of this decade, when marriages were civil ceremonies. Or it might have been 1660, the year of the Restoration of the Monarchy.

Baptisms for children of William Bean begin in 1661.
Baptisms. St, Mary, Tadcaster.
1660/1 Feb 17  Jonathan
1661/2 Mar 2  Margaret daughter of William Beane shoemaker.
No one else on this page seems to be distinguished by his occupation.
1663/4 Mar 6   Robert. He was buried on Mar 16, aged little more than a week.
1665 Mar 27  Richard
1668 Aug 2  John
On 27 Apr 1772 there is the burial of Elizabeth daughter of William Bean of Tadcaster, though we have not found her baptism.
1673 Nov 16  Ralph

The only plausible burial for William is five years later.
Burial. Tadcaster
1678 Jun 3  Wm Bean of Tadcaster.

This means that he was living in the town, and not in the countryside outside.

He was 42. He would have left a young family behind him.


There is a burial in 1680 for Elizabeth Beane of Tadcaster widow, who is probably his mother. His wife may be the following.
Burial. Tadcaster.
1684 Jul 11  Mary Beane dyed.


[1] Tadcaster Town Council




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