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Jack Priestley’s Family History

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THOMAS IVESONNE was the youngest of the five children of Lancelot Iveson and Isabell Vicars.

Baptism. Skipton.
1620 Jul 9  Thomas the son of Lancelot Iveson of Skipton.

His father ran a dyeworks.

Thomas was 22 when the Civil War broke out. As a young single man, he would have been prime material for army recruiters. As a tenant of the Cliffords, he would be expected to fight for the King. His father’s landlord was Earl Clifford of Skipton Castle, who was a fervent Royalist. Skipton Castle became the sole Royalist stronghold in the north of England. It held out under siege until 1645.

The castle was defended, not by the Earl but by Sir John Mallory. In August 1645 Parliamentary troops under General Poyntz attacked the Royalists in Skipton, driving them to their entrenchments. He seized the church and the outworks of the castle, as well as the water supply. Further progress was thwarted when he was ordered to march his troops elsewhere.

The Royalist garrison, however, became disheartened by news of the loss of other strongholds, their lack of supplies and the advance of winter. They surrendered on 21 Dec 1645. The terms were honourable, allowing them to keep their weapons.

A Parliamentarian garrison took over. In 1647 they mutinied over lack of pay, but were quickly appeased.

In 1648 the Royalists were again in possession of the castle, but only briefly.

The castle was slighted. All the western part was unroofed and much of the western walls demolished.

Some private houses were also destroyed and the church suffered considerable damage.



Baptism, Skipton.
1626 Nov 13  Grace the daughter of Jonas Pate of Skipton.

Her mother was Luce Bolland.

We have only found one brother, ten years older. There were probably other siblings whose baptisms are no longer legible.

The fathers of Grace and Thomas were evidently associates. In 1638 we find them both among a group of people accused of running an unlicenced alehouse.

The couple married as the war was drawing to a close. Charles I had been arrested and was beheaded in 1649.

Marriage. Skipton.
1648 Apr  Thomas Iveson and Grace Payte.

Lady Anne Clifford visited Skipton castle in the summer of 1649 and saw the serious damage inflicted on it. She began repairs.

We have found two daughters from Thomas and Grace’s marriage.

Baptisms. Skipton.
1649/50 Mar 16  Isabell
1651/2 Feb 16  Ann

 The marriage was short-lived. Grace died in 1652.

Burial. Skipton.
1652/3 Mar 10  Grace the wife of Tho Ivesone of Skipton.

Thomas’s father had died in 1651. He had rented a dyehouse from the Clifford family. The following year, we find Thomas Ivenson in possession. He was paying £1.10s rent for his house and dyehouse. This suggests that he was living alongside his place of work, probably in the house where he had grown up.

Isabell died in 1654, aged four, leaving Ann the only child.

Burial. Skipton.
1654 Oct 24  Isabell the daughter of Thomas Iveson of Skipton.

The following year, Lady Anne Clifford began repairs to the church. The shattered windows were replaced; the tombs of her two little brothers were renewed; and she erected a magnificent monument to her father. She also built up the steeple, which had been partially destroyed.

By 1686, Thomas Iveson was also renting a walk-mill, or fulling-mill. He was doing this in association with Thomas Bishop, who was his nephew and became his son-in-law.

It is described as: “All that fulling mill situate , standing, and being below Skipton Mill – bridge, upon the Eller-beck, on the west side of the towne of Skipton.”

It was said to be in very bad repair, and the rent was accordingly reduced.

The Eller Beck is a tributary of the River Aire, and would have provided the power for the mill

.Eller Brook, Skipton

We have not found Thomas’s burial, but in 1700 there is a grant of administration for the estate of Thomas Iveson of Skipton. The inventory is dated April 27, so he must have died before then. He died intestate and powers of administration were granted to his grandson Lancelot Bishopp.

There is only one item in the inventory: Purse and Apparell: £02..00..00.

Thomas would have been 80.



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