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Jack Priestley’s Family History

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FRANCIS BURNE. We find both Francis and Elizabeth in the parish of Sneaton, south of Whitby. The present church is dedicated to St Hilda, but it replaced the older church of St John.

Baptism. St John,Sneaton
1641 Dec 19  Thomas Burne had a child baptised named Frances the 19th day of December.

Despite the spelling, Frances was a boy.

He was the second of seven children.

We have not been able to find his mother’s name.


ELIZABETH GARBUTT was eight years younger than Francis.

Baptism. St John,Sneaton
1649 Sep 30  Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Garbutt of fforss was baptised.

Their abode of “fforss” could be “Forest” or “Foss”, meaning a waterfall. Within Sneaton Forest is the spectacular waterfall of Falling Foss.

Falling Foss[1]


Elizabeth’s is the only baptism we have found for Thomas Garbutt’s children, but there is a burial in 1651 for Robert, son of Thomas Garbutt.

As with Francis, we have been unable to find her mother’s name.


Francis was born shortly before the outbreak of the Civil War in 1642, and Elizabeth at the end, in the year Charles I was executed. By the time they were married, the monarchy had been restored under Charles II.

 Marriage. St John, Sneaton.
1667 Jul 22  Francis Burn and Elizabeth Garbutt

 We have only been able to find one child of this marriage. It is possible that Elizabeth was unable to bear children afterwards.

Baptism. St John, Sneaton.
1668 May 24  William son of Francis Burne


Burials. St John, Sneaton.
1696/7 Mar 28  Elizabeth Burne
She was 47.

1721/22 Mar 18  Francis Burne of Little Beck.

The hamlet of Little Beck takes its name from a tributary of the River Esk. Towards the head of the dale in Little Beck Wood is the 30 ft high Falling Foss waterfall.


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