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Jack Priestley’s Family History

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Tootle Tree



ROBERT TOOTELL. Robert’s age at his burial gives him a birth date of 1753-4. No baptism has been found which exactly matches this.[1]

The ages given for older people when they died is not always accurate  There is a baptism  in 1756 for Robt son of Thos: Tootell of Bury, but this Robert  is likely to be the Robert Tootell, Slater, who was under the age of consent when he married in 1775. Robert Tootell, Weaver, would have been older.


There are two possible marriages for Robert Tootell, both in1775. One is in Radcliffe, 3 miles south of Bury, for Robert Tootell, Slater, and the other at St Mary, Bury, for Robert Tootell, weaver. The occupation confirms the latter to be the correct one.

He married Jane Nuttall of Bury.


JANE NUTTALL. Jane’s age at her death means she was born in 1749-50. This matches the following baptism.

Baptism. St Mary the Virgin, Bury.
1749/50 born Feb 6, bapt Feb 23.  Jane daughter of Robt Nuttall, Shoemaker. Abode: Bury.

Her mother was Elisabeth Taylor.

Jane was either the eldest or the second child. There are baptisms for too many children of Robert Nuttall living in Bury to disentangle the different families. The mother’s name is not given. Jane’s is the only baptism which records her father’s occupation.

Her mother died before Jane was 10. We do not know the exact date. In 1760 her father remarried and more children were born.


Robert Tootell married Jane Nuttall in Bury in 1775. Neither of them could sign their name

Marriage. St Mary the Virgin, Bury.
1775 Jun 8. Robert Tootell (X) Weaver, this parish, and Jane Nuttall (X) Spinster, this parish.
By Banns. Witnesses: John Nuttall, Thos: Crompton.

John Nuttall is probably Jane’s brother.


At the baptisms of their children, Robert and Jane’s address is given as Tott. At Robert’s burial, it is  Tottington. Tott was an abbreviation to save space in the baptism register.

Tottington is a village 2 miles NW of Bury. It stands on the edge of the West Pennine Moors.

View from Tottington [2]

 There are a number of baptisms in Bury for children of Robert Tootell. Those which give his abode as Tott begin in 1775. There are 11 of them. In the absence of the mother’s name, we cannot be sure that they are all the children of Robert and Jane, and not of another Robert of Tottington.

Baptisms. St Mary the Virgin, Bury.
1775 born 21 Oct, bapt 3 Dec  Alice daughter of Robert Tootell. Performed at St John’s Chapel. Abode: Tott.

If this is Robert and Jane’s daughter, then she was born four months after the wedding. It was quite common for brides to be pregnant when they married.

1778 born Jan 13, bapt Feb 15. Wm son of Robert Tootell. Abode: Tott.
1780 born Jan 31, bapt Feb 8. Thomas son of Robert Tootell. Abode: Tott
1782 born Feb 17, bapt Feb 17. Ann daughter of Robert Tootell. Abode: Tott.
A baptism the day she was born suggests that she was not expected to live, but we do not have a record of her burial.
1784 born Jan 29, bapt Feb 1. Mary daughter of Robert Tootell. Abode: Tott.
1786 born May 25, bapt Jun 11. Robert son of Robert Tootell. Abode: Tott.
Robert junior died on 6 Jun 1788, aged 2, and was buried the next day.
1788 born Sep 7, bapt Oct 12. Robert son of Robert Tootell. Abode: Tott.
1791 born Mar 3, bapt Apr 3. Peter son of Robert Tootell. Abode: Tott.
1793 born Jan 5, bapt Feb 12. Adam son of Robert Tootell. Abode: Tott.
Adam lived only 7 months. He died on Aug 13 and was buried on Sep 2.
1794 born Jul 10, bapt Jul 20. Betty daughter of Robert Tootell. Abode: Tott.
1796 born 1796 Dec 30, bapt 1797 Feb 19. Fanny daughter of Robert Tootell. Abode: Tott.

At that time, Tottington lay within Bury parish and the family used Bury’s church. St Anne’s church, Tottington, was consecrated in 1799, three years after the couple had completed their family. The Tootells would have seen it being built.

St Anne, Tottingham. [3]

Nuttall is a common surname in the Bury area. Since 1504, Tottington Hall was  recorded as the home of the Nuttall family. The present Town Hall and Library now stands on this site. In 1715 Thomas Nuttall built the first school in Tottington.

Jane was probably distantly related to this family.

Robert lived until 65. He was buried at St Mary the Virgin on 5 Jul 1819, four years after the Battle of Waterloo. His abode is Tottington.

Jane survived him by 7 years. She had moved from Tottington to Warth.
Warth is an old name for a meadow  beside a river.

Burial. St Mary the Virgin, Bury.
1826 Aug 20. Jane Tootill, relict of Robert Tootill. Age: 76. Abode: Warth.


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Tootle Tree