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Jack Priestley’s Family History

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ANTHONY JOBSON was the illegitimate son of Mary Jobson. He was baptised in Barton upon Humber, Lincolnshire, in 1651.

Baptism. Barton upon Humber.
1651 Sep 13  Anthony son of Mary Jobson.

This was two years after the execution of Charles I and in the early years of the Republican Commonwealth under Oliver Cromwell.

He appears to have been an only child.

Anthony’s childhood would have been spent under the joyless reign of the Puritan Commonwealth. Not long after Cromwell’s death, the country opted for a change and brought back the monarchy under Charles II.


Anthony moved to Bonby where he brought up his children. The village is 4 m south of Barton upon Humber. It stands on the scarp of the Lincolnshire Wold, with magnificent views across the River Ancholme and the Humber.

Despite the steepness of the slope this is good arable land. In the 17th century, most people worked on the land, but we do not have confirmation of Anthony’s employment.


Anthony married twice. We have not found the record of either marriage.

The first was around 1683 to Alice.

There were two sons from this marriage.

Baptisms. Bonby
1684 Apr 27   Thomas  son of  Anthony Jobson
1686/7  Feb 27   Robert son of Anthony and Alice Jobson

The church of St Andrew’s where they were baptised is all that remains of Bonby Priory.


St Andrew’s, Bonby[i]


Alice must have died sometime in the next two and a half years, but we have not found the record of her burial.

Anthony’s second wife was Catharine.


CATHARINE. Because we have no details of their marriage, we do not know Catharine’s maiden name or the parish she came from.


There are four baptisms in Bonby for children of Anthony and Catharine Jobson.

Baptisms. Bonby
1689 Oct 27  John
1695  Dec 26  Catharine
1698/9   Mar 5  Anthony
1701/2  Jan 18  Mary 


There is a burial on 4 Apr 1723 for Catharine Jobson in Thornton Curtis. This is 5 m west of Bonby.



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