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FRANCIS TRIPP. Thomas Tripp brought up his family in the Lincolnshire village of South Ferriby, just south of the Humber. His age at his burial gives him a birth date of 1700-1. This leads to two possible baptisms in parishes adjacent to South Ferriby. One is in the town of Barton upon Humber, for the son of William Tripp, the other in the village of Horkstow, just south of South Ferriby, for the son of Francis and Jane Tripp. Since Thomas named two of his children Francis and Jane, the second is highly likely to be the right one.

The Tripps were a long-established family in Horkstow, with records going back to the earliest registers. Francis was born in 1674, in the reign of Charles II.

Baptism. Horkstow.
1674 Sep 21  Francis son of Francis Tripp and Jane his wife.

His mother was Jane Foster.

The evidence points to his father being an older man, who married again after his first wife died. He was 60 when Francis junior was born. Francis had three surviving half-siblings, already adult when he junior was born.

His father was a labourer.

Francis was the only child of this second marriage. When he was one year old his father died.

Six years later, his mother remarried, but this marriage only lasted two weeks before his stepfather died. By the end of the year his mother had married for the third time.

This time, his stepfather was Francis Davie. It was another five years before he too died.

The young Francis Tripp was then 14 years old, and would already have been at work as a labourer.


JANE UREBY. The records of Urebys in Horkstow go back to 1658, when John Ureby married Elizabeth Nicholson there. These are probably Jane’s parents, though there is a long gap in which we have found no baptisms. Jane’s baptism is the second entry in Horkstow for this surname, making this family newcomers to the village.

Baptism. Horkstow.
1672 Jun 2  Jane daughter of John Ureby and Elizabeth his wife.

Her baptism is followed by those of a brother and a sister. If we have identified her parents’ marriage correctly, then there is a 14-year gap between this and Jane’s baptism. More children may have been born in a parish whose registers do not go back that far, or they may be on pages of the Horkstow register that are now illegible. Alternatively, there may be a later marriage for John Ureby and Elizabeth, which has not been found.


Francis and Jane were in their early 20s when they married. By now, Queen Mary II had died, and her Dutch husband William III, who had come to the throne jointly with her, now ruled alone

Marriage. Horkstow.
1695 Aug 6  Francis Tripp and Jane Ureby

 On 13 April 1696, Francis Tripp, labourer of Horkstow, received a deed of feoffment from John Garthwaite, clerk (clergyman) of Bonby, transferring to him a messuage and lands in South Ferriby, for which Francis paid him £36.

Clearly, although Francis was a labourer, he was not as impoverished as earlier generations of his family appear to be. He was able to save enough to purchase land.

Horkstow is one of five “Low Villages” below the northern edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds. The others are Bonby, South Ferriby, Worlaby, and Saxby All Saints.

South Ferriby is north of Horkstow and borders on the Humber.

South Ferriby [1]

Later that year, the couple began their family.

Baptisms, Horkstow.
1696 born May 22, bapt 24  John
1698 Feb 7  Mary
1701 Apr 13  Thomas

 Jane died only five years after Thomas’s birth.

Burial. Horkstow.
1706 Mar 28  Jane wife of Francis Tripp

She was only 33.

Within three years Francis married again.

Marriage. Horkstow.
1707/8 Jan 13  Francis Tripp and Mary Cavill

Mary may have been a spinster born in Winteringham in 1679, or the widow of either Jonathan or Robert Cavill, of Goxhill, though the dates of the Goxhill burials do not fit well.

Three more sons were born.

Baptisms. Horkstow.
1708 Nov 6  Francis
1711 Nov 11  Robert
1713 Nov 22  William

It had been difficult to establish Francis’s burial. There is one in Horkstow in July 1729. The record is difficult to read, but it appears to say “Francis Tripp a young man”. This would be better suited to Francis and Mary’s son, who would have been 20 then.

There is another in nearby Saxby All Saints on 4 Apr 1728.

We have been unable to find a burial or a remarriage for Mary.

There are a number of pages in the old Horkstow register where the ink is faded and can no longer be read. The burials we are looking for may be on one of these.



[1] Walking Englishman – The Viking Way.





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